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Value for School & Collages

Teaching for Value Clarity

The aim of values education is to encourage young people's awareness of having values and their corresponding relationship to the world in which they live. It is therefore necessary to try and convey the idea of which values people in our society regard as necessary (and through which our society is shaped today).A democratic society demands that an individual should have many skills, among them the skill to deal with conflicting values and to take independent decisions. It demands a critical faculty as well as competence to judge based on your moral principles. Democratic societies must therefore take an interest in that such skills be encouraged.

Values and Teaching

Where teaching is understood as education organised in schools in the sense of an extensive help for enculturisation,it also encompasses educational aids which are not only aimed at increasing knowledge and ability but also at acquiring norms and values. Teaching in its broadest form also includes educational aids which serve in a meaningful way to improve results and also to heighten the readiness for taking on responsibilities. Accordingly, school, apart from its main function as a place for teaching, also has the task of providing a moral education. School can be viewed as the precursor to achieving self-determination and taking responsibility for oneself. Pupils should be qualified to have both their own social life and to be in favour of a society in which everybody accepts each other.