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Parents Right

Importance of parents

  1. Unconditional love: Parents are the sole people from whom a child can expect unconditional love.Without them he is unfulfilled in life. He becomes a loner and faces many hardships in life.Since human is a social animal, just like food and air, love and care are another elements which are absolutely necessary. They are the people who share you happiness and sorrow equally. If you weep they do and if you laugh they do
  2. Financial support: Many people have good or sufficient financial support only because of parents. This helps them to perceive education and other hobbies without worry or having to work for making a living. This financial support also puts them ahead in the start up with reference to business or position in the companies. Hence many young people in the level of directors or other higher posts in a company are children of the company founders.
  3. Moral support: Parents give moral support to the child in case of failure. During some accident or love failure or divorce, having parents besides is a great boon. They provide instant moral support and strength to tackle the situation. They are the people whom can console you and put back into life. hence we can see those kids who do not have parents are a bit depressed in life as they have none to share their sorrow and achievements. Hence parents taking divorce also have tremendous effect on children. Also they teach them spirituality, prayer and other aspects needed in life.
  4. Family support: Family is the integral part of everyone home. The family of any person starts with parents itself. Latter on he gets his spouse and children to live with him. In countries with established family trends we can notice this. Even parents conduct the marriage of their children,. They create awareness and requirement of marriage for life. Further they in many families they select the suitable groom or bride for marriage. Even in the early days of marriage, initial differences in marriages between partners also overcome due to support and suggestions from parents. Hence we see the divorce rate is lower in arranged marriages than in love marriages.
  5. Involvement in success: They guide him right direction and makes it easy for him to succeed. They even teach them the value of discipline and relationships. Hence we see many people succeed due to god fathers behind. Even George w. bush the recent president of America was the son of senior Bush who was also the president. Even the recent Chinese president is also a son of a ex-political official in Chinese governments before. If one tries to check the personal life stories of successful people, we can realize the extent their parents helped them climb the ladder of success. 6. Importance of parent involvement: Educated parents help their children in moving in right direction in their career. They understand the child strengths and weaknesses and guide him right path. They also help the kid solve his home work and also encourage any extra-curricular skills in him. Hence we can see teachers and schools emphasize on parents role in education of their children.