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About Us


We are professionals, blessed with different capabilities individually; working to achieve goals collectively. We are a team of technical devotees totally immersed in bringing learning as a long cherished enjoyable experience. With our long experience in the eLearning domain, we have established ourselves as one of the leading eLearning design and development company with focus on customer delight and quality. We work hard to cover every-bit of eLearning and instill every innovation and technology advancement towards making learning better, bigger and engaging proposition.


We help students & teachers to develop their educational and social skills to achieve their life goal, we talk more about values of life.


  1. Values of life
  2. Skill development
  3. Meditation
  4. Teamwork skills
  5. Custom eLearning
  6. Digital India
  7. Cryptocurrency
  8. Goal making skills


  1. A world without ignorance, where information and knowledge is not limited to the few who have resources but available to all without discrimination through innovative advancements in eLearning.
  2. A unified learning era where learners and mentors are not confined by the geography, time and other physical barriers. Where every learners finds what he desires to learn with the flexibility to learn any where and at any time.
  3. A world where knowledge sharing would become as easy as breathing. Where knowledge/information would exploit all available resources to have a wider reach.
  4. To earn respect and loyalty of our clients by establishing ourselves as an eLearning and Innovation company by the end of 2012.


  1. We see ourselves making eLearning more of a culture if not a habit, across various dimensions of learning and training by mapping our solutions to all available mediums and adopting new, scientific and proven learning technologies.
  2. Bringing forth innovative technology and solutions for promoting eLearning in every domain.
  3. Making learning available to all who need it, via different resources, through different mediums and for varying purposes.
  4. Bringing students, teachers, parents and admins all under a common roof for all round development of students.
  5. Developing an edu-socio environment where every one is contributing and gaining knowledge at the same time eliminating the barriers, to promote learning any where and any time.


  1. In our value we put you FIRST.
  2. FOCUS-Follow One Course Until Successful
  3. INTEGRITY-To work with total honesty of our conscience.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY-To deliver at every call for action.
  5. SERVICE-To work for you and constantly strive for excellence in work
  6. TRANSPARENT-To be sincere and transparent in our transactions and profession.